The Sneaky Thing about Breakouts

Breakouts can make you want to hide your face from world. They just aren't fun no matter what your age.

Although more common in the teen years, breakouts can continue into your 20's, 30's and can even become worse in your 40's as hormone levels change. In fact, at any age, hormonal changes are one of the most frequent causes of adult acne in women. Genetics also play an equally large role in whether you will be one of the unlucky of us that have to deal with breakouts. The sneaky thing about breakouts, especially if you are prone to them, is that they can be your unwanted guest at any time. Here are a few things you might not have thought of that might just be causing your breakouts.

  1. Your cell phone – As much as we are dependent on our cell phones, they are one of the most bacteria laden thing we carry around all day (even more so than the purse that we set often set on the floor). Yes, it's gross, but your cell phone carries an enormous amount of bacteria. So what happens when you hold that phone against your ear? Those bad bacteria that reside on your cell phone are dangerously close to your face. And if you are brave enough to hold your cell phone to your face with your shoulder as you talk, then it's like a free ride for the bacteria to come in contact with your skin. Be sure to wipe your cell phone down with anti bacterial wipes often. This will help prevent the buildup of nasty bacteria on your phone. Be sure to do this same thing to your work and home phones as well.
  2. Your pillowcase – As we sleep, we often toss and turn…sometimes sleeping on our stomach, sometimes on our backs. Hair products, along with oil from the hair and skin are deposited on your pillow. While you sleep, your pores can easily become clogged by these products and oils. What can you do? Change your pillow case as often as possible. If washing your pillow case daily seems a little much, wash it every other day. Or better yet, keep a collection of clean pillowcases that you can swap each night, or every other night.
  3. Touching your face – We often don't realize how much we touch our face. We can be thinking about something, talking with someone, or even scratching an itch, but we touch our face throughout the day and often bacteria on our hands is easily transferred. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort not to touch your face, but it's important to pay attention to the times that you do touch your face and learn how to do other things with your hands at those times. This is especially true for those that pick at their face because of pimples, not only are you spreading bacteria from your hands, but the bacteria from the pimple is spread to other parts of the face and even neighboring unblemished skin. If you must insist on touching your face, always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with an anti bacterial soap.
  4. Your makeup tools – be sure to wash your makeup brushes often, these come in contact with your face on an almost daily basis. Keeping your brushes clean can go a long way towards preventing breakouts. Also be sure to wipe your eyelash curler down with anti bacterial wipes or an anti bacterial soap. Your eyelash curler can often come in contact with your face as you curl your lashes.
  5. Your towels and wash cloths – Towels and wash cloths often provide the perfect environment for bacteria to form. It's best to use not to reuse towels or wash cloths after the first use or contact with breakout prone areas.
  6. Your stress level – Stress and acne are closely linked especially in the occurrence of adult acne. Visit our blog category on how to slow down and really consciously listen to your body. Although stress is usually caused by external factors, you are the only one who can control how those stress factors will affect your life.

And finally, a couple of supplements that you can take that will really help keep your skin clear are fish oil supplements as well as lysine to support immune/skin health. Be sure to use our Healthy Skin Regimen to help balance your skin and make sure to do the above suggestions to keep breakouts from ruining your day!

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