The Importance of Breathing

Before you begin reading, start taking some deep, long breathes. Allow your lungs and diaphragm to open and expand as you breathe in, feel yourself relax as you slowly breathe back out.

Okay, so we know how to breathe, of course, it's something that occurs to us automatically. We are breathing, even when we are not consciously thinking about it. It seems almost foolish to be told to breath. Yet, shortened and restricted breathing can become an unhealthy habit without even being aware of it.

The stresses of life can cause breathing to become shortened and restricted. Sitting at a desk all day has a tendency to cause a slouched position, diminishing the lung capacity. Over time, lower amounts of oxygen in the body can lower the immune system, making us more susceptible to catching colds, the flu and other "bugs".

Marcia Gay-Harden, one of our favorite actresses, has been a huge support of the success of Avasiare and believes strongly in the importance of breathing. Marcia has won an Academy Award and is an extremely talented actress. Once Marcia was asked how she transforms herself to portray her characters, almost to the point of looking like someone else. Marcia's response was that she gets very detailed with her characters, even changing the way she breathes "because how you breathe forms who you are, to a degree."

Why is breathing important?

You can survive without food or water for hours, even days. David Blaine replaced a world record, holding his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds on a recent season of Oprah. Most of us would be lucky to have 10 minutes if we weren't breathing. Breathing is important for two reasons. It is the only means to supply our bodies and its various organs with the supply of oxygen it needs. Secondly, breathing assists the body in getting rid of waste products and toxins.

Keep breathing…slowly and deeply.

Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for our bodies. It is essential for the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs. The brain requires more oxygen than any other organ in the body. Any effort to increase the supply of oxygen to the body and especially the brain will pay rich dividends. One of the major secrets of vitality and rejuvenation is a purified blood stream. The quickest and most effective way to purify the blood stream is by taking in extra supplies of oxygen from the air we breathe. By purifying the blood stream, every part of the body benefits, as well as the mind. The complexion becomes clearer and brighter. Wrinkles appear less prominent. In short, rejuvenation will start to occur.

Scientists have discovered that the chemical basis of energy production in the body is a chemical called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). If something goes wrong with the production of ATP, the result is lowered vitality, disease, and premature aging. Scientists have also discovered that oxygen is critical for the production of ATP; in fact it is the most vital component.

Unless something is done to reverse the unhealthy habits that cause our shortened and restricted breathing our bodies and our beauty will suffer. The good news is that these habits are reversible, so keep breathing deeply!

Deep breathing exercises, participating in sports or going for a walk all help to increase oxygen intake. Can you think of anything else that makes you breathe heavily?

Then do that too!

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Bonnie and Tanya

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