Stress and Your Beauty

Stress seems an ever present companion for many of us. Relationship issues, the economy, a stressful job, or no job at all; for each of us, stress levels can soar to unhealthy levels if left unchecked. Stress is a common human reaction, it can be helpful in fight or flight situations, but when it becomes an everyday chronic pattern; it can have severe affect on not only our health, but how we look. Among many other ill effects on the body, continued stress can cause headaches, high blood pressure, skin conditions, depression and anxiety. Approximately 75 to 90 percent of all doctor's visits are for stress-related ailments. With the percentage of physical ailments being so high from stress, it certainly can't be good for your beauty routine, or how your body is aging. Chronic stress sets off a domino effect of inflammation throughout the body, every part of the body is affected, from your organs, to your skin, hair and nails. Inflammation in the body is a precursor to many diseases, some chronic irritations, others deadly.

Health and beauty do not mix well with inflammation.

So if you know you are dealing with chronic stress, what can you do? For us a pattern we have both noticed, when we are extremely stressed, is that our breathing becomes very shallow. Both of us have to regularly remind each other to take deep, full breaths, instead of the short, shallow breathing we tend to revert to when stress levels soar. One of the blogs we wrote on the Importance of Breathing sounds so simple, and yet so many of us are breathing to keep ourselves alive, rather than breathing for our health. Of course, we think exercise and a good diet are imperative to your health, but your breathing can lower your stress level, anxiety, and can help calm the effects of inflammation on the body.

You can improve your breathing as you continue reading, take in a big breath deep into your lungs, expanding your stomach as you inhale. Hold for seven seconds and slowly release. Repeat several times, and you can almost feel the level of inflammation and stress being released from the body. Slowing your breathing is such a simple technique, and yet so effective, something you can do anytime and anywhere. Breathing isn't the only thing you can do to lower stress levels. Maybe there's a yoga class you've been considering, or finding a way to get close to nature, discovering activities that calm your stress levels will help lower the level of inflammation in the body.

Lower stress levels, swap processed and refined foods for whole foods, and find regular ways to exercise your heart and mind and you will see results that no other skin care regimen or cosmetic can provide; a truly beautiful glow from within.

Now, let's all take a big…deep breath for our beauty.

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Bonnie and Tanya

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