Our Beauty Philosophy

For as long as there have been philosophers, there have been philosophies about beauty. We don't consider ourselves to be philosophers, but here is how we define real beauty:

We have encountered countless people with extraordinary beauty. Even seen from afar, real beauty, or attractiveness speaks instantly and is very intriguing. This type of person is inspired with their blend of individualism and confidence, mixed with genuine heart. We believe that there is inner beauty that far outweighs outer physical attractiveness.

However, appearance is a composite of three things: skin, complexion, and expression. Skin is an interchangeable membrane that reacts to any environment it's in. Complexion is what gives you a stunning glow or robs you of years. Expression is what brings life to your facial features.

The condition of your skin gives everything away; your age, health, emotions and habits. Your appearance is a direct reflection of how well you take care of yourself. It is important to treat yourself kindly, with regular personal emotional and physical well being and balance.

From the day we met, over 20 years ago, there are things in common that we both feel passionately about: makeup, skincare, food, fitness, health and wellness. As we have gotten older, we have realized our affect on the planet and continually try to find ways to lower our personal and business carbon footprint. All of these things encompass who we are.

As we continue to write, you may see topics reemerging that we covered in our previous Avasiare website blog. We'll be mixing in news and updates, with makeup and skincare tips like before.

Most importantly, our hope is to ultimately help YOU be stunning from the inside out!

Be it a fabulous food we've discovered that helps the skin stay gorgeous or a planet saving initiative that the The Nature Conservancy is involved with. We hope as you learn more about what we are passionate about, you will share your passions with us as well!

Beauty + Science + Nature = EcoGlam

Let us help you…

Discover a Stunning You®

Bonnie and Tanya


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