Is Mineral Makeup Really Better?


Mineral makeup corporations are enjoying the results of their exhaustive marketing campaigns that distinctly and dogmatically claim mineral makeup as the hero to your skin and the rescuer of all "harmful" chemicals in regular makeup. Fear tactics are used to make women afraid of what the chemicals may do to their skin or may be absorbed by their body. Fear-based marketing can clearly be effective.

One of the most frequent questions we get from customers is how we can be a "green" company and not carry a line of mineral makeup.   To be completely honest, we never entertained the thought of creating a mineral line. In fact, we specifically chose not to create a mineral line of makeup. And here's why…

Almost all makeup is made up of minerals, in fact, there is not much makeup can be made without minerals. The simple addition to the word "mineral" in front of "makeup" tends to imply that the product is more natural or less chemical than traditional makeup. This can be a moving argument in the trend toward conscience living. However the truth remains, there is not a single study that shows mineral makeup to be any better for the skin than any other type of makeup.

In the majority of mineral cosmetics, the main ingredients is Bismuth Oxychloride (referred to as BO from here on out). BO is manufactured synthetically, has been considered safe by the FDA, and has been used in cosmetic preparations for decades.

In mineral makeup, the addition of BO helps the makeup adhere to the skin and gives the skin a pearlized shine. The staying power of mineral makeup is greatly decreased when BO is removed. BO, however, can cause itchiness, dryness, and irritation in some individuals. These effects can be intensified under increased temperatures as a result of being under hot light or in sunshine. Be aware that when applying heavy mineral makeup in a professional setting, the BO in mineral makeup can make you shinier. In photographs and on TV, a shiny face is not a good thing!

Another claim that mineral makeup companies make is that mineral makeup is more moisturizing to the skin; however, any powder applied to the skin absorbs excess oil. The application of powder to the skin is not moisturizing. We were also recently made aware of a company that is telling its customers apply one of their specialized nighttime mineral makeup formulas for anti-aging benefits as you sleep. Please, please, please don't sleep in makeup, not matter what type of makeup it is. Sleeping in makeup can cause clogged pores and damage your skin.

Most importantly, we shudder to think of the women that apply mineral makeup to their face assuming it is protected from the sun. Although mineral makeup contains titanium dioxide and some zinc oxides, to get a level of adequate coverage you would need to apply the mineral makeup so that you looked liked Tammy Faye Baker. We always suggest applying a broad spectrum UVA/UVB lotion every day. Whatever makeup type you wear or if you wear no makeup at all. The sun will age you faster than time.

Here is an article from WebMD, The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup, which may help you decide for yourself if mineral makeup is right for you.

And as we like to say, buyer be aware. Women today have access to more information than at any other time in history.

Now let's go play with makeup!

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