How to Cover Dark Circles

It's Monday already and if you're like us, the weekend just seems to fly by just a little too quickly. Let's face it, with our busy families and careers it's not hard to have circles under your eyes on any given day. Although dark under eye circles are often a result of heredity, sometimes life can cause circles and puffiness around the eyes…even if your mom isn't sporting them.

The genes related to dark under eye circles are the genes that cause weakened capillaries under the skin that surround the eyes. In addition, having a very pale skin tone can make dark circles appear more obvious or apparent. Besides fatigue and heredity other causes of dark circles under the eyes include age, nutrition, and allergies.

Concealer is the best way for hiding those unflattering dark circles.

You will want to chose a concealer color that is a close match, or lighter than your own skin tone. Another option is to use a yellow based concealer, such as our Yellow Concealer Stick, which helps counteract purple or bluish tones.

To cover dark circles start with a thicker concealer, such as our Stick Concealer or a pancake concealer. Apply it to the darkest part of the skin underneath the eye into the corner and blending out at the edges. Our HIDE IT Professional Makeup Brush or a sponge is all you need to apply.

Concealer can then be applied underneath the eye from the middle of the eye to the outer corner using a sponge or our HIDE IT Professional Makeup Brush. The SHADE IT & FADE IT Professional Makeup Brush is also great for applying Concealer. Be sure to blend well.

Under most circumstances we apply concealer after applying foundation, simply because professional foundation covers so well, concealer isn't always necessary. However, you can apply it before foundation and get a beautiful look as well. The end result is what you are looking for, not necessarily the order of application.

Although you may not have time for a 12-hour night of sleep or sit with cucumbers over your eyes, you can still look like you did!

Bonnie and Tanya

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