How the Face Ages

It's true…

- It's not fun, but we are all getting older and our face is aging.

- Here are the not so pretty facts about how the face ages:

  • - The color and texture of skin changes
  • - Crow's feet and frown lines begin to form
  • - Tissue around the eyes begins to wrinkle
  • - With advanced age both the upper and lower eyelids begin to sag
  • - Creases begin to form around the lips
  • - Face looses fullness and bones appear more prominent
  • - Aging skin sags as muscle tone decreases
  • - Skin appears thinner
  • - Skin becomes dry as oil production in the skin decreases
  • - Pigmented spots tend to increase
  • - Collagen and elastin production decreases
  • - Skin loses its ability to retain moisture
  • - Dead skin cells do not shed as fast and there is less turnover of new cells giving the skin an opaque appearance

Excessive sun exposure and smoking are just a few things that can accelerate these changes. Regardless most of them will happen to all of us.

Depending on sun exposure and lifestyle habits, we recommend beginning an aggressive anti-aging regimen for your skin around the age of 30. This should begin with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen giving a sun protection factor of at least 30, preferably 45. Sunscreen should be worn every day, even in winter! Sunscreen is truly the most effective anti-aging cream on the market.

In our next blog we will show some excellent ways to visually combat some of these changes using cosmetics for the 50-something and older woman. An all too often ignored segment of women by cosmetics companies.

In spite of all of the changes, we believe older women can be absolutely stunning!

Discover a Stunning You®

Bonnie and Tanya

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