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Our skincare has a significant amount of aloe in each product, in the majority of our skincare, it's the first ingredient. We love aloe for its calming and cooling benefits. MD Anderson Cancer center has done recent studies that show aloe applied topically to the skin has "immunodulatory properties that may improve wound healing and skin inflammation."

Here's Tanya with her "Price is Right" display of the incredible aloe plants at the farm where our aloe is produced. The aloe plants are kept at the perfect temperature, between 70 and 80 degrees, to create strong, nutrient rich plants. The plants are undisturbed by the natural elements and enjoy a cool shower every day along with a natural multi-nutrient mix creating extremely nutrient rich aloe gel. The plants are harvested by removing the outer leaves, as the rest of the plant is left to grow. The aloe plants are harvested quickly to retain nutrients and avoid deterioration. After harvest the aloe is transferred to the lab, less than 25 miles away, where it's tested to ensure maximum concentration of nutrients.

We have always been interested in health and wellness. We love to understand how chemical properties of ingredients affect the skin. We are label readers ourselves. Our intention is to make a difference for people who have sensitive skin like ours. Aloe has worked wonderfully on our skin and it's what we based our complete skincare line around. It's perfect for those looking for the highest quality ingredients in their skincare.

Healthy Skin - Healthy Ingredients - Healthy Planet

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Bonnie and Tanya



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  1. Dear Avasiare; Thank you for your fabulous products for skin care and beauty. I love them all. I personally use your makeup but I use it on my clients as well. I am a makeup artist who works with destination brides in the NC area. We find in this humid weather your makeup works best. I have mature skin so I use "Take It Off" all year long, it is so comforting to dry skin. Thank you! Warm regards, Sandy Guerriere Artistry by Sandy on Facebook
    • Avasiare
      Thank you Sandy, we appreciate you! So happy that you like our products, we work hard to make them perfect in professional settings, but also great for every day wear and use. We have very happy plants that make very beneficial products for our customers! Thank you again for your kind words and for taking the time to comment! Bonnie and Tanya

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