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It's always a good time and place to have beautiful, healthy lashes! Long full lashes are a trend that can't go unnoticed. Products and salons have appeared across the country specifically designed to help create full long eyelashes.

Here are our favorite tips and tricks, so that you too can have beautiful lashes. There are a few different options we recommend depending on the look you ultimately want to achieve. The amount of upkeep your lifestyle and schedule allow will help you decide the best option for you.

At Avasiare, we offer two different types of lash strips that are created from natural hair. The lashes look more real, as opposed to synthetic lashes, which can actually appear synthetic when worn. Avasiare has two types of natural hair lash strips that we use on every client needing a lash boost. Each pair of lashes are $5.00 with free shipping in the USA and both come with application glue, there is no need to order separate lash adhesive.

  • Avasiare Glamour Lashes – (shown on model in photo) – These lashes hit the mark when you want to look stunning, without looking over the top. These lashes are incredible for photos, or any special event where you want your eyes looking gorgeous and your lashes looking full.

  • Avasiare Enhance Lashes – Our Enhance Lashes help enhance your eyes giving the appearance of a thicker lash line and darker lashes. These have more of a subtle look than the Glamour Lashes, but the enhancement will leave people wondering what you've done to make your lashes more full.

The next two options may sound a bit high maintenance, but it's time well spent, considering you get to relax during each procedure. If you decide one of the following options is for you, be sure to find a well-trained professional with references, and happy customers. Someone who is not highly trained in the following techniques can cause permanent damage to your lash line.

  • Lash Tabs – Lash Tab is a temporary cosmetic lash. A Lash Tab looks like a small tab with approximately 3 fibers. Adhesive is used to temporarily bond the tab to the base of your natural lash. Lash Tabs will last approximately 4 days; the average cost for Lash Tab application begins at $25.00 and can go up from there.

  • Lash Extensions – Lash Extensions are similar to hair extensions in that they are applied directly to your natural lash. A semi-permanent extension is placed around the mid-section of your natural lash with an adhesive. Lash extensions need a 2, 3, or 4 week fill to maintain. The price of Lash Extensions average about $300.00, with fills being approximately $70.00.

If that kind of upkeep seems a bit much for you, we have another recommendation that only requires once-a-day application to a clean dry lash line. LiLash is a product that will truly result in longer lashes; we've tried this product with incredible results. The best part LiLash is cheaper in cost than Latisse, without the possible side effect of changing your eye color. Your longer lashes will stay long if you continue to apply the product on a daily basis. The upkeep is minimal for incredibly long lashes. We had a few questioning if we were wearing false lashes, when all we were doing was using this product on a daily basis! LiLash can be ordered by Contacting Tori Apodaca of Bronze and Beautiful of Denver, Colorado. The cost is $85.00 per tube, which includes tax and free shipping in the USA. To order simply email Tori at:

Find out how good incredible lashes can make you feel and how much enhancement they add to your look, you might just be surprised!

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