Five Steps to Healthy Winter Skin

Now that winter has settled in, lower humidity levels, wind and winter sun can all do a number on your beauty routine. So what should you do to keep winter from wrecking havoc with you? Follow these easy adjustments to your regimen and stay gorgeous all winter long!

  1. Keep wearing your sunscreen – So many of us want to put away the sunscreen once the cold weather arrives. But, burns and sun damage continue to happen in winter. Sunscreen is the cheapest and easiest anti-aging beauty product you can buy. Wearing it year round can help you make it a part of your daily regimen.
  2. Exfoliate – The dry air and low humidity can result in those pesky flakes on the skin. These leave unsightly dry patches on the face, and well, they aren't pretty. To adequately exfoliate the skin, use a gentle exfoliant. Avasiare Bio Cellular Exfoliant is gentle and non-irritating, yet effective. Micro, perfectly spherical beads help remove dry skin, while fruit acids gently lift dead cells from the surface of the skin. Most importantly, be sure not to use products that contain nut shells or any other rough ingredient, these can tear delicate and already irritated skin.
  3. Moisturize…everywhere! – Moisturize prior to applying makeup and before going to bed in the evening. Avasiare Mineral Rehydrator is an excellent moisturizer for winter, unscented and non-irritating to wind-whipped and irritated, dry winter skin. Additionally, look for a foundation that is good for sensitive skin and moisturizing as well.
  4. Cover those lips – Winter wind and sun can be brutal to the lips. Protect them by wearing Avasiare Vitamin E Stick with SPF 15 as a base for your lipstick or on bare lips to provide protection and remoisturize chapped lips. Keep the Vitamin E Stick in your jacket while out on the slopes and apply to your lips and around your eyes. At night apply natural Vitamin E Avasiare Lip Love High Gloss Lip Treatment to help replenish lost moisture to the lips as you sleep.
  5. Drink lots of water – Not only is our skin dry in winter, but it's easy to get dehydrated ourselves. Keep cells functioning smoothly by keeping them well-hydrated. Tired of water and looking for something to warm you up and add a little flavor? Try sipping on unsweetened herbal teas throughout the day. Alternatively, warm water with a squeeze of lemon and honey can keep you hydrated and soothe sore throats from the dry air.

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Bonnie and Tanya

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