Eyebrows Matter

Eyebrows are what frame your face and give you expression. You can be strikingly dramatic, soft and subtle, or you can make yourself look angry…all with your brows. Angry eyebrows may work if you have a part as the angry soap vixen, but in everyday life, angry eyebrows are probably not your best bet.

A well shaped eye can lift your eye and make you appear younger. Keeping your eyebrows full and tweezing correctly can open up the entire face. Shaggy eyebrows can look unkempt and unsophisticated, so using a brow brush to groom the eyebrows can make an amazing difference.

It may all seem somewhat of a pain and time consuming but the results are entirely worth it.

Essential tools for great eyebrow shaping and maintenance:

  • A good pair of tweezers
  • Small pair of eyebrow scissors
  • Eyebrow tamer – Our TAME IT Professional Makeup Brush is an excellent brow tamer (shown in top photo)
  • A stiff angled brush – You can find this in our FRAME IT Professional Makeup Brush (shown in bottom photo)
  • Pigment color that matches the color of your eyebrows or slightly lighter.

For the clean, classic eyebrow shape, follow these steps:

  1. The eyebrows should line up vertically with the outer edge of your nose. Hold up a pencil or long brush against the side of your nose, as shown in top photo. The pencil or brush will show you where the beginning of your eyebrow, closest to your nose, should begin. Tweeze hairs that are outside of this line.
  2. The arch point of your eyebrow should be vertically in line with the outer edge of your iris. If your natural arch point is above your pupil or past your iris. It. is. okay. Don't try to change your natural brow shape!
  3. The outer point of the eyebrow should be diagonally in line with the edge of your nose. Place brush or pencil diagonally from the outer edge of the nose to the outer edge of the eyebrow, as shown in the bottom photo. This is where the eyebrow should end. Again, we remind you not to get tweezer happy!
  4. To trim eyebrows, brush eyebrow hairs upward using our TAME IT Professional Makeup Brush or similar stiff bristled brush. Using small eyebrow scissors, trim any unruly hairs or hair that is outside the top line of the natural eyebrow.
  5. Brush eyebrow hair down, and again trim unruly hairs or hair that grows outside of natural eyebrow shape.
  6. Brush eyebrows back into shape, a small amount of hairspray can be applied to the brush to keep brows looking groomed.
  7. Using pigment and a stiff angled brush, such as our FRAME IT Professional Makeup Brush, apply pigment to any sparse areas of the eyebrow. Apply using short hair-like brush strokes in the direction that the eyebrow hair grows. Apply the pigment in a way that highlights and lifts the natural arch of the brow. Only apply pigment in a way that lifts the eyebrow. Emphasize the upper line of the eyebrow to lift the eye. Use a matte pigment only.

The face is the first thing that people see when they meet you. Eyebrows are so often neglected and yet, such an easy way to polish your look.

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Bonnie and Tanya


4 Responses

  1. Brenda
    Wow, I thought I knew it all about shaping eyebrows...ha, was I wrong. I didn't know to brush the brows up and down and trim. I would usually just pluck the unruly hair. Also, after plucking a pretty thin brow line for many years, I decided to let the natural brow grow back in. Unfortunately, this includes bare spots, probably from follicle damage, and a couple of wirey hairs. I am going to use your tips to help get them back into shape, starting today! Thanks. I love your blog and sight. Brenda
    • Avasiare
      Thank you for your comment Brenda! We are happy that this post helped you. When it comes to eyebrows little tweaks can truly make all the difference. Please let us know if there is a topic of interest or look you would like for us to cover. Thanks again for your comment, we appreciate you!
  2. Well said Bombshells!! The eyebrows are SO very important...thank you for this important post...a Bombshell has got to have fabulous eyebrows!!XOXO Gigi Belmonico
    • Avasiare
      Thank you Bombshell Gigi! We agree, eyebrows are so very important! We appreciate YOU!

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