Exercise for your Beauty

Often when you hear about exercise it's in the context of greater cardiovascular health or thinner thighs, but rarely do you hear about what exercise can do for your beauty. More specifically, what exercise can do for your skin.

Exercise benefits so much of the body, it would seem amiss to exclude the skin as one of the main beneficiaries of a regular exercise program. The skin, as the largest organ of the body, receives benefits from exercise that result in younger and healthier looking skin. As you exercise, your heart rate increases. This helps to pump blood through every cell of the body, expelling damaging toxins and renewing the skin with powerful oxygen being inhaled and exhaled through the lungs. The increased circulation of blood helps carry damaging toxins away from the skin that can prematurely age skin. In addition, the skin benefits from exercise by giving the body the perfect environment for building collagen, the support system for the skin.

But what if you are acne prone? You may be hesitant to workout thinking this will only exacerbate the problem with friction, sweat and bacteria. In reality, acne prone skin may benefit the most from a regular exercise program. Regular exercise helps reduce the amount of androgens in the body. Androgens are the hormones, also known as DHEA and DHT, that so often cause or intensify breakouts in many people. Not only do regular workouts help to regulate these hormones in the body, but they also help to balance stress levels, a known cause of many acne related skin issues. And lastly, exercise helps to flush out the sweat glands, which helps to prevent clogged pores. If you do happen to have acne prone skin, be sure to cleanse the skin immediately after your workout, but whatever you do, don't stop working out!

Not only do regular workouts help calm breakouts, but those who adhere to a regular workout program maintain a greater overall color to their skin tone. The continual renewal or cell turnover and oxygen exchange helps give the skin a more vibrant and healthy glow. What more could you ask for from a beauty routine?

Ever heard anyone say they regret working out? We haven't either!

So get active, your skin will thank you for it!

Discover a Stunning You®

Bonnie and Tanya

*Please check with your doctor before beginning any workout program



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