Cover that Pimple

Breakouts can make you want to hide your face from the world.

Unfortunately, acne is the most common type of skin problem. Fifty percent of women experience acne at some point in their adult life. Many things can cause breakouts: hormonal changes, stress, environmental elements, or pores can also easily be clogged by using cheap and unnecessary ingredients in skincare. Products containing petroleum based ingredients and mineral oil are especially prone to clogging pores.

Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you deal with this miserable fact of life.

  1. Start with a clean face
  2. It's important to apply professional grade foundation to the face to sufficiently cover the redness blemishes tend to cause. Make sure that you apply foundation with clean hands, a clean brush or a clean sponge to avoid additional spread of bacteria. We recommend our Flawless Foundation for full coverage of all of your imperfections, without clogging pores.
  3. For light skin tones, use our Yellow Corrective Concealer Stick. For darker skin tones use our Dark Corrective Concealer Stick.
  4. Use the HIDE IT Professional Makeup Brush with an adequate amount of concealer on the tip of the brush. Apply a small amount of concealer underneath the pimple to correct the shadow that a pimple makes on the face. Dab the brush right where the shadow is to lighten the shadow area.
  5. Use a professional powder brush like our WORK IT Professional Makeup brush and pat the powder onto the area to set the concealer. Be sure that the powder is the same color as your skin tone. Our Extra Oil Controlling Pressed and Loose Powders are perfect for setting foundation and concealer for all day wear.

Even in the midst of a breakout, with the right tools and techniques, you too can have flawless skin!

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Bonnie and Tanya

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