Cancer Prevention is Beautiful

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease. There are very few of us that have not been affected by cancer in some way. We often talk about how true beauty is a component of many things, but all of them begin with internal factors. Diet, mental health and how well we take care of our bodies all result in how we feel, and ultimately how we look.

Beauty truly is from the inside out.

This week we were lucky enough to sit down with, Dr. Simeon Jaggernauth, medical oncologist helping patients at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Can diet change your genes or prevent diseases such as cancer? What are some foods that can help to prevent cancer?

Diet can affect your genes if you intake poor nutrients into your body with mutagenic or carcinogenic properties. Eating a diet full of fresh fruit & vegetables with low fat meats & fish are probably the best. Avoiding foods which contain a high preservative content such as sodium nitrites or burnt meats which contain nitrosamines is a start. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake is another step most people can do as well to prevent cancer.


Blueberries, Blackberries and the Acai fruit are very high in antioxidants which scavenge free radicals which can be preventative in mutagenesis.


What do you consider to be emotionally healthy? Do you see being emotionally unhealthy as a contributor to illness and cancer?

No Worries or Anxiety. Stress and anxiety are major contributors to multiple forms of illness which directly affect your immune system and may lead to the formation of cancer.


How do you help your patients find peace spiritually with their cancer and healing?

I encourage them to meditate and pray with them. I help them understand that this is not the end of life but a step in a direction to a new beginning.


What lifestyle recommendations do you give your patients?

The lifestyle, I live what I preach, which is balance in the body mind and spirit.

Body: You are what you eat so be good to this body - it's the only one you've got. Get plenty of exercise (I prefer running/walking) even while on chemotherapy.
Mind: Minimize stress! Ask for help when you need it - stay educated. Learn all that you can about your illness and your options. Learn to meditate.
Spirit: Treatment is very hard - seek spiritual guidance and learn to pray and ask God for help, healing & wisdom.

These 3 elements are essential to returning to a whole being after the devastating effects of cancer.


Our hope is that you learn the ways that you can change your habits or ways of thinking, starting even today, to protect you in the future from having to face a diagnosis of cancer for yourself. The first step in protecting yourself is knowledge.

We thank you Dr. Jag!

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Bonnie and Tanya



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