Blowing on Your Makeup Brushes


Not exactly what you want to picture when you imagine the inhabitants of your mouth, but lurk there they do. Some bacteria are good for the mouth, some are not so good, but you can be sure…they are there. Researchers have discovered up to 615 and counting different bacteria that reside in the mouth at any one time. The mouth provides the perfect environment for replicating, bacteria couldn't be more comfy taking up residence there where they are fed a steady stream of sugar and carbohydrates. An article from the Harvard Gazette discusses the different types of bacteria that live in the mouth, Discovering who Lives in your Mouth, but we wouldn't suggest reading it if you've just had lunch.

So why all the bacteria talk?

Have you seen a makeup artist, the cosmetic salesperson in the mall…or maybe even you do it, tap a makeup brush in the pan and then blow on the brush to remove excess powder? This is a habit for many. Imagine just for a moment, when you blow on your brush, that 1 or even 600 of those mouth inhabiting bacteria come flying onto your makeup brush, and then are swiftly applied to the face…back to the makeup pan and repeat. Good, bad, or indifferent, bacteria applied to the face, the makeup brush or the pan is NOT good. Bacteria can cause breakouts, skin irritations, and eye cysts or styes.

So then what can you do to remove excess product from your brush? Simply tap the brush handle on the back side of your opposite hand, and whatever you do, don't blow!

What about applying false lashes? Many people think blowing on the glue helps the lashes adhere to the lash line. Not true, it should take no more than a few seconds for the glue to become tacky enough to adhere to the lashes. Blowing on the glue is simply not necessary.

It's unlikely that you will ever see a physician blow on their tools before they get to work on you, so why should a makeup artist, mall salesperson, or even you be blowing on your tools?

We always recommend washing your makeup brushes with a gentle liquid soap at least once a week. Sometimes we don't realize the simple habits we do to irritate the skin and cause breakouts.

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Bonnie and Tanya

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