Beauty Rituals to Improve Your Mood

While researching beauty rituals and mood, we discovered that often taking the care of yourself into your own hands can make you feel more control of your circumstances. Pampering yourself, in and of itself, may not solve a problem. It can, however, be something small to focus on. When you see the end results of your efforts, it can give you a sense of confidence.

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be on your list of "to do's" it should be something you do for yourself…to feel better about yourself.

Here are 5 beauty ritual suggestions that can help lift your mood.

  1. Relax in an aromatherapy bath filled with relaxing essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and rosemary.
  2. Deep condition your hair with the incredible hair treatment called Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. It's applied to dry hair and left on from 20 minutes to overnight. The results are absolutely beautiful. The price is not cheap, but the result is phenomenal.
  3. Apply something new to your routine. Even if that routine is minimal. Try a pair of lashes to accentuate your eyes. Apply Lip Love High Gloss Lip Treatment, a Vegan product, over any of our High Impact Lipsticks to give you a new, uplifting look.
  4. Try a new hairstyle. Cut some bangs, add some layers or try something edgy. A great hairstyle can immediately update your look.
  5. Have a makeover or makeup lesson by a professional makeup artist. Often women complain of not knowing exactly how to apply makeup in their everyday life. A professional makeup artist can help you to learn tricks that help streamline your routine, while maximizing your look.

It's important to feel good about you. Women have been performing beauty rituals since the days of the Egyptians. There is a reason beauty rituals have stood the test of time. They make us feel good about ourselves and may even improve our mood.

We hope you will share some beauty rituals you do that help to improve your mood!

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Bonnie and Tanya

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