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Summertime Skincare Tips

If the map happens to find you in the northern hemisphere, then temperatures are headed to the hottest part of summer. The peak of the season can wreck havoc on your skin. Here are ten easy steps to keep you looking stunning all summer long. Use SPF of at least 30 daily, and reapply often…
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Detoxification the Healthy Way – Let Food be Your Medicine

Detoxification is a common heard term lately for helping to balance the body and reset all the systems. Everything from pills to drinks, to full month, or longer programs that are not cheap! Why not let food be your medicine and pass on any programs that aren't even regulated by the FDA due to their…
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Heart Disease and You

Valentine's Day is traditionally all about hearts and flowers, roses and love, but this year we want to remind you to have compassion for your own heart ladies. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States. More women die each year of heart disease than all cancers combined. Yet,…
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Stress and Your Beauty

Stress seems an ever present companion for many of us. Relationship issues, the economy, a stressful job, or no job at all; for each of us, stress levels can soar to unhealthy levels if left unchecked. Stress is a common human reaction, it can be helpful in fight or flight situations, but when it becomes…
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