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Our Mission

Over the past decade Bonnie and Tanya have been the passion behind Avasiare Skincare and Cosmetics. From the beginning their mission has been to help customers discover a stunning you through healthy skin, healthy ingredients, and a healthy planet.

Friends since the age of 12 and both dealing with extremely sensitive and irritation prone skin, they set out to become ingredient experts. As the years went by, they learned what worked, what didn’t work and what ingredients are beneficial to the skin without causing irritation. In 1994, Bonnie entered the fascinating world of makeup artistry and became a respected name in the industry. Tanya remained behind the scenes doing all those not-so-glamourous things required to keep a business running.

In 2006, they launched Avasiare Skincare and Cosmetics to continue their passion for makeup and beauty. Today Bonnie and Tanya are constantly in pursuit of developing cutting edge products and techniques to help their customers maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance.

As a new era of the brand has evolved, Avasiare Skincare and Cosmetics is now becoming AVA Pro Cosmetics. AVA Pro Cosmetics will continue to provide the highest quality ingredients, and non-toxic formulas perfect for sensitive skin, but also key in anti-aging benefits. AVA Pro’s innovative products are designed to create a long lasting, flawless finish with antioxidant, and anti-aging benefits.

AVA Pro Cosmetics is an earth-friendly, conscious brand, consistently operating in ways to reduce their carbon footprint. AVA Pro products are named from nature, and are a reflection of the beauty of nature. Every AVA Pro product is specifically chosen to compliment most all skin tones, with the most anti-aging ingredients, and is proudly manufactured in the US. AVA Pro products are never tested on animals.

Bonnie and Tanya want you to enjoy our products and our online store. We offer free shipping in the US (International orders are charged accordingly) and guaranteed results or your money back within 30 days of purchase. If you have any questions or need color suggestions, please submit a question using our online submission form, and we will be happy to help you enhance your best features and solve your beauty issues.

Remember us as your online trusted source for beauty. No need to go to the mall or crowded stores for your beauty need any longer.


Open to all licensed beauty and/or wellness providers, production staff, and performing artists.

Application process:

Submit your information including name, type of beauty and/or wellness license in good standing, and information about yourself, as well as a photo of your business card, or website. Submissions will be reviewed and you will be contacted within one week or less with further information regarding how our PRO Beauty Program works, or a request for additional information. If you are approved for our PRO BEAUTY Program you will be able to purchase products at a 40% discount, to be used for your business, or to be sold to your clientele at retail price.

Who We Are

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