Monthly Archives: February 2011

Cover that Pimple

Breakouts can make you want to hide your face from the world. Unfortunately, acne is the most common type of skin problem. Fifty percent of women experience acne at some point in their adult life. Many things can cause breakouts: hormonal changes, stress, environmental elements, or pores can also easily be clogged by using cheap…
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Makeup Tips for Women over Fifty

Some of our most beautiful customers and clients are women over fifty. Below are some helpful makeup application tips for women 50-something and older. Hydration Always boost your skins moisture levels to combat decreased moisture in the skin. Use a water based moisturizer during the day and a serum at night. Do not use a…
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How the Face Ages

It's true… - It's not fun, but we are all getting older and our face is aging. - Here are the not so pretty facts about how the face ages: - The color and texture of skin changes - Crow's feet and frown lines begin to form - Tissue around the eyes begins to wrinkle…
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